Endoscopic mucosectomy learning course


We have designed the course of mucosal resection techniques so that the student can study first hand and have practical contact with the most advanced techniques in endoscopic mucosectomy. We will review the entire therapeutic process, from the optical diagnosis of the lesions, to decision-making, the configuration of the diathermy source, the management of the most frequent complications and endoscopic follow-up.

We have left out all the endoscopic dissection techniques and the third space because we want this course to be your entry into the world of the most advanced endoluminal therapy. Everything in the theoretical content of the course will be reinforced, as is usual in our institute with live endoscopic classes with real interaction with national and international teachers where you can solve your doubts and learn from the real world.

The course will be last accredited, so your training effort will bring you benefits when developing your professional career.


Optical diagnosis. From white light to chromoendoscopy with magnification

Management of the of Diathermy source. Theoretical and practical foundations

Mucosectomy UnderWater

Hybrid mucosectomy techniques. C-EMR.

Techniques for mucosal closure and endoscope treatment of colon perforation

Injection technique. Dynamic injection. Injection solutions.

Endoscopic healing criteria after endoscopic resection

How do I select the most correct resection technique?

Mucosectomy consumables


Dr Pedro J. Rosón Rodríguez

Dr Katsumi Yamamoto

Dr Francisco Manuel fernandez Cano.

DR Eduardo Alveniz

Dr Eduardo Romero

Dr. Judit Cotta

Dra Marina Puya

Endoscopic mucosectomy learning course

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