Malaga Live VR Endoscopy 2021


Register at the Malaga Live VR Endoscopy 2021: Virtual Attendance to the first Live Worldwide Endoscopic Event ever.

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We have been hard working at Instituto de Endoscopia Digestiva Avanzada for 2 years now to show you all a piece of what is going to be the future of endoscopy the way we imagine.

On October, 26th, we Will wait for you. We Will open a window to the endoscopy future and we invite you to play with us.

What are we going to do?

We are going to live stream Augmented and Virtual Reality straight from the Malaga Endoscopy Room endoscopia to the Telefonica Assembly Hall in Madrid. The doctors from Madrid will wear a VR glasses and will be able to be physically, remotely, inside our Endoscopy Room. They will be able to move along it and will interact real time with the experts performing all the advanced procedures.

All of it thanks to the Telefonica 5G Technology applied to the autonomous VR glasses, what will lead to a maximum freedom to remotely interact within the endoscopy room. This will allow  the live-cases moderators perform their actions from Madrid while the procedures are performed in Malaga.

All the home participants will be able to live the experience the Madrid audience are, will be able to see all the video sources and Augmented Reality layers, so you will fully participate the experience and grant a learning from great expert’s first hand.

You have never seen something like this before… DON’T MISS IT!

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